Prior to purchase individals must schedule their event with the site manager to ensure no conflicts exist and your date and time are confirmed.   Site Manager Contact: 248-207-5598


All individals entering the field must complete an online waiver prior to entry:  WAIVER


Once the date and time is scheduled and the renter has read the Athletic Field Use Policy, and completed the online waiver form, the site mananger will provide access to the field rented for team practice or individal player development purposes. 


Bases and Pitchers mound can be moved by REQUEST ONLY and should not be adjusted by the party renting the field.


If the renter desires to utilize the field for a game and requires the field to be dragged and chalked please notify the site manager at the time of scheduling.   Drag and Chalk is an additinal cost of $25 per field per occurance.


Site Manager/Scheduling:


Field Rental (per hour)


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